The Dahlia Update! – 02/14/18

It’s been two weeks since Steven and I dropped our cover and shared our Super Pulp Science episode “We Should Totally Write a Comic“.

So what’s been up since then?

Steven continues to churn out pages, but I have taken GMB Chomichuk’s advice, and started to looking into “added value” as a writer and letterer not currently spending endless hours making art. That’s really why I’m posting; I’ve gotten work as a letterer on a new project!

The comic is called Dahlia, and it’s by writer David Weber and artist Bo Christian. These guys are super passionate about this project (like all high-quality creators), and I’m super excited to to be joining them in their project.

The upside? I’m forwarding all money I make as a freelance letterer into Steven and I’s print-run so that we can bring you a high quality book.

For anyone who wants to check out another indie comic book being made, checkout Daliah’s website. That’s all I’ve got for you for now. Steven and I have started planning our print deadline, and really looking forward to our convention appearances this year.

First up, Infinite Universe is going to make its debut into the world at FanQuest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 23-24 2018.

We’ve also booked our spot at SaskExpo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, September 15-16 2018.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the cover of Dahlia, to give you a feel for how the book is looking. I’ll keep you updated on where and how to order it when it becomes available.

Until then, Steven and I love you, thanks for your support, and feel free to talk comics with us at any time.


Dahlia cover

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