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Steven Kaul never left Winnipeg. In fact he’s lived there his whole life.

If you were to ask him when he was younger what he wanted to do when he grew up, he’d hit you with “I want to draw Spider-Man,” or “I want to be a starship Captain.” Having already gotten the latter out of the way, he decided to attend the Fine Arts program at the University of Manitoba, from which he graduated in 2013. It was a degree that taught him a great deal about art, most of which he does not use today.
After several years of freelance painting and design side-jobs while working a full-time job, he felt it was finally time to forgo the steady paycheck and join the fight. Running mostly on a plethora of self-taught skills focusing on digital creation, Steven, with writing partner Lyndon Radchenka, has embarked on the process of making his first comic since the sixth grade.
“I want to draw Spider-Man” may have evolved into “I want to create my own stuff,” but either way, it’s time for Steven Kaul to make a career out of this.

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Lyndon Radchenka is a writer and comic book letterer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Born in 1993, he grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, and thinks 1997’s Batman & Robin was “a fun movie”.

Lyndon received an English degree from the University of Manitoba in 2015. During the course of his studies Lyndon had the chance to write short stories and plays, and act on stage and camera. Despite enjoying the “classics” of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Dumas, Lyndon could never shake the habit of being drawn back to comics. Lyndon became active in the comic convention scene in 2013, and was quickly enchanted by the passion and support of the indie comics community. He began studying Law at the University of Calgary in 2016, and was promptly climbing his walls, lacking a creative outlet.

Realizing that life is nothing if you’re not doing what you love, Lyndon began the process of creating his first full comic with artist and good friend Steven Kaul. The dream of making comics no longer exists for Lyndon.

It has become a reality.


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