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Infinite Universe

Pencils, Inks, & Colours by Steven Kaul
Script, Letters, & Graphic Design by Lyndon Radchenka

Discover worlds. Question your own.

It is the end of life on Earth.

For generations humans have waged war on themselves and their planet, and Earth can no longer support life. Recognizing their impending defeat, humans have taken their last remaining course of action to save their species: they are leaving Earth to live on another planet.

A team of humans, genetically enhanced for space travel, have been tasked with searching the galaxy for a planet that can sustain human life.

What they discover will leave them with answers to the questions that humanity has always wondered.

What else is out there?

Are we alone in the universe?

Infinite Universe is a science-fiction action-adventure that strikes at the heart of what it truly means to be human.

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What Will Not Last

With art from G.M.B. Chomichuk, Steven Kaul, Zach Schuster, and Christopher Smith.
Script, Letters, & Graphic Design by Lyndon Radchenka.
Edited by Allison Alexander.

The End is Only the Beginning…

Will a father let his son be sacrificed for the good of his people? Is a spandex suit and the love of Citiesville’s citizens enough to make Hero-Man a real hero? Do nightmares come alive? Will a space exploration team from Earth find what they’re looking for?
With stunning artwork from four distinct artists, What Will Not Last features four separate stories, from horror to fantasy and back. It’s a culmination of Canadian talent that shouts more questions than it does answers, threading wonder
through its pages with the promise of a new dawn.

Find us at your local comic show to find a copy, and keep an eye open for it to be available everywhere!


There Was 
Another Life


Enter the Sci-Fi dystopia of There Was Another Life, the newest graphic novel from Steven Kaul and Lyndon Radchenka.

A science-fiction odyssey of a man forced to face the question: “what can you do when you’ve truly lost everything, even yourself?”

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